The Benefits of Adopting a Pair of Kittens

   Kittens need interaction with other kittens for healthy social development.  Kittens who are able to remain with a sibling or similarly-aged companion tend to be healthier and happier – and – a better socialized pet.  Even loving, caring humans are not a good substitute for kitten companionship.  A pair of kittens will definitely still want to interact with people but can keep each other occupied.  Kittens tend to “play-bite” and wrestle with each other – this behavior is normal.  Though it is not acceptable for a kitten to bite and wrestle with a human companion – this is what a single kitten will want to do.  If you allow this behavior; you will end up with an adult cat who has developed a very bad habit.

   A single kitten us NOT a good companion for an older cat.  Kittens have endless energy.  They want to play and run constantly which frequently overwhelms and frustrates an older cat.  Likewise the kitten becomes frustrated that his new companion doesn’t have the same level of energy.  This makes two very unhappy cats.  It is unlikely that the two will have a bonded relationship even after the kitten matures.  An older cat is a better matched with a cat closer to its age and temperament.

Cindy Lou

This brother/sister duo has been named after the Red Power Ranger Samurai.  With their active and affectionate behavior; they have earned their names.  They are both super sweet, super affectionate and super playful.  They are very bonded and must be adopted together(to continue strengthening their skills).      

Double the fun – Double the love

 Meet Jayden and Lauren

- ‘Gratitude is something none of us can give too much.’

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