My name is Dexter. I hate to brag but I have been told that I am one handsome dude. I do have some idiosyncrasies in my personality which the shelter staff will discuss with any potential adopter. I am friendly, Inquisitive (nosey) and love attention (in small doses). I am compatible with female cats at the shelter but must be your only boy I'm not too crazy about dogs, I was  a stray before coming to the shelter and I have a huge desire to go outside. The shelter staff feel that I would do best in a home where I could be an indoor/outdoor pet. A home with adults only would be best, I am very handsome and can be quite charming but I need a new home with a person who has previous "cat experience".

- ‘Gratitude is something none of us can give too much.’

-The technical term for “hairball” is “bezoar.”


-Cats sweat through their foot pads.


-Cats can move their ears 180 degrees.


-Abraham Lincoln had four cats in the White House. When asked if her

  husband had any hobbies; Mary Todd Lincoln replied “cats.”


-Cats make about 100 different sounds – dogs only about 10.


-Most cats give birth to a litter of 1-9 kittens.  The largest known litter as 19      kittens of which 15 survived.


-Disneyland owns about 200 cats.  Every night the cats are released in the park to hunt down all the little Mickey and Minnies.

Some Fun(and Fascinating) Facts about Felines

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