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Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

Some Holiday Hazards for Pets

Chocolate or Coffee

Vomiting, rapid heart rate and signs of anxiety can be seen with the
ingestion of as little as ¼ ounce of baking chocolate by a 10-poundd dog.
Coffee can produce the same effects.

Ornaments, Ribbons and Tinsel
Ribbon and tinsel can cause life-threatening gastrointestinal blockage.
Cats and kittens are attracted to the movement of string, tinsel and
ribbon.  Once a cat begins swallowing the end of a ribbon or string,
she cannot extract it which may lead to surgery. 

Holiday Plants
Eating holly can produce nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy.
If a dog or cat ingests mistletoe gastrointestinal upset and possibly
cardiovascular problems can result.  All parts of lilies are highly
toxic to cats with the potential to produce life-threatening kidney
failure even from a small ingestion.  While the toxic potential of
poinsettia has been exaggerated; mild stomach upset could occur.

- Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul.

My name is Bruschi.  I am a VERY handsome young feline.  My life was very difficult before coming to the shelter.  I came with a history of being aggressive with other felines and unpredictable with people.  I was neutered immediately and given medical care for an injury to my hip.  With kindness and compassion; I have now become quite a nice fella with people.  I am very easy going and undemanding.  Because of the old injury to my hip; I now walk and run with a limp.  So I need a home where I would be an inside pet(a screened porch would be awesome).  I do not jump up on things so a fenced yard would also be nice(and keep me safe).   The shelter staff feels that I would do better as an only pet and a home without young children.  I love attention from the staff but am still shy initially with new people.  I have come a long way from a sociability and medical standpoint.  The shelter staff feels that I would make a great companion in the right home.  Gosh I hope someone will give me a second chance at life.  

My name is Fidget.  I was VERY shy when I first came to the shelter. But I have become much friendlier and trusting of people.  I actually like to be petted and roll on my side when the shelter staff pays attention to me.  I have become much more confident and trusting.  I need a home where people would be patient and understanding initially.  The shelter staff knows that I will evolve into a very loving companion in the right home.

Please Help Us Find Homes For Two Of Our Special Cats

The holiday season is a time of joy, reflection and goodwill. 

Listed below are a few holiday tips to ensure a happy and safe holiday season for all the members of your family.

It has been very rewarding to see the “transformation” in these two cats.  In life we often overlook the smallest things while craving the bigger rewards.  These two cats had a difficult life prior to coming to the shelter.   They lived without health and happiness.  With time and patience; they continue to take small steps towards trust and happiness.

As Doug Cray wrote – “It’s never too late to trust again, to love or be loved again and it’s never too late to live again.”

Garlic, Onions and Chives
Large amounts of these products can damage red blood cells
causing anemia and possibly kidney failure.  Signs of toxicity
include weakness, pale gums and rapid heart rate.

Grapes and Raisins
Ingestion of raisins and grapes have been associated with
acute kidney failure in dogs.

Alcoholic Beverages
If ingested, alcohol can potentially result in vomiting,
diarrhea, lack of coordination, difficulty breathing,
tremors, coma and even death.

Antifreeze products containing ethylene glycol
are highly toxic and can produce life-threatening kidney
products contain methanol which can cause drooling,
vomiting and severe central nervous system depression.