The shelter is hoping to find a temporary foster home for Boomer.  She is a chubby 10-year-old cat who is currently living at the shelter.  We have been trying to feed Boomer “low calorie” food so she could lose a few pounds.  However her diet does not seem to be helping because of her lack of exercise.  Although Boomer likes people; she is not fond of the other cats at the shelter.  So she must be kept in a cage most of the time.  Boomer would be very happy(and get more exercise) if she was able to live in a spare bedroom in a temporary foster home.  We will continue to search for a permanent home for this nice girl.  Boomer would be most appreciative. 



Foster Home Needed for Boomer

My name is Noelle.  I am an incredibly pretty young feline female who would love to find my forever home.  I was returned to the shelter several months ago because my adopter developed health issues.  I was not happy when I came back to the shelter but I have adjusted well.  I like to play with the other “teen-age” cats and I love to spend time lounging in the shelter’s outdoor enclosure. I A new home with a screened porch where I could enjoy the “great outdoors” safely would be awesome.  I have bonded with the staff but I am still a little shy when visitors come to the shelter.  I think people think I am not friendly which is not true.  I have seen many of my friends at the shelter come and go – I hope I can go home soon.


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