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Cat Adoption in Spencer

Some Interesting Facts About Cat Anatomy and Physiology:
 - Cats use their whiskers to “feel” the world around them. 

A cat’s whiskers are generally about the width of their body. 

You should NEVER cut their whiskers.

​- White cats with blue eyes are prone to deafness.
- A group of kittens is called a kindle.
- For some reason, cats really dislike citrus scents.
- Cats groom other cats – and sometimes people,

in a ritual called allogrooming.

Update on a very special girl – Miss Bella

Some Wonderful Adoptions

- ‘Gratitude is something none of us can give too much.’

I wanted to share the good news of three recent adoptions.  Whisper, an 8-year-old cat was adopted and her new human “Mom” reports that “she is doing wonderful.”  Lottie and Noki have been at the shelter for months.  Both of the cats had very nice dispositions but they were the “second choice” of several adopters.  And at this time of the year it is more difficult to find homes for the adult cats because there are many kittens available for adoption.  Lottie and Noki’s new human Moms have called to report that they have “settled in” and are “such nice cats.”  As we have said many times; our shelter does not focus on statistics.  We focus on helping each cat that finds it’s way to our shelter.  We send our thanks to the families that adopted these three special feline girls.  We hope they share many years of love and companionship.


Bella’s rear leg was amputated on September 20th.  We are happy to report that she is doing incredibly well.  She is such a good patient.  Her only complaint is that she does NOT like the plastic collar that she has to wear so that she doesn’t lick or chew her incision.  Although she may not be as agile as she once was; she is eating well, using her litter box and enjoying many naps on a comfy couch.   She is such an easy going and nice cat.   We want to send special thanks to Dr. Blanton for performing the operation with Dr. Custer’s assistance and the staff at the Hubbardston Veterinary Clinic.  The clinic provided expert veterinary care(and moral support).

 - Cats walk like camels and giraffes.  They move their right feet first and then move both of their left feet.  No other animals walk this way.

​- Cats have large eyes relative to their head size.  They have the largest eyes of any mammal.

​- Kneading – some people refer to as “making biscuits” is a sign of contentment and happiness.  Kittens knead their mothers when they are nursing to stimulate milk production.
- Female cats can get pregnant when they are only four months old.