You might find that your cat has a piece of string still sticking out of its mouth or out of its back end.  Do NOT pull on the string,  Wait for your veterinarian to examine the cat.  Your vet will likely take x-rays to determine where the string is in the cat’s system.  In serious cases, surgery will be required to remove the foreign object from the cats’ intestines.  He will also have to repair any damage the string has caused to the intestines themselves.

Supervise your cat when you play with it using toys on a string.  Put string, yarn, ribbon, thread or other string-like objects away in drawers.  Take special precautions with a cat who has previously ingested string-like objects because these felines tend to repeat their behavior.

A String of Errors

Cats – and especially kittens – are attracted to the movement of all types of string, thread, yarn, tinsel, ribbon, shoelaces, etc.  If you are there to supervise the cat’s play; you can let them chase these things safely.  But DON’T leave them alone with it.

Letting a cat play with string can be a serious mistake.  Once a cat starts to swallow the end of a string; she/he cannot extract it and continues to swallow.  The intestines try to pass the string along.  Athough they work harder and harder; the intestines start to telescope on themselves.  It can lead to very serious damage to the intestines.  A cat who has eaten string may seem lethargic, lose its appetite, attempt to vomit or appear to be in pain.

While the string can sometimes pass through their system with no issues; it can also cause serious problems.  If the intestines become damaged; it causes peritonitis which is potentially fatal if not treated by a doctor immediately.  Consider the swallowing of string a medical emergency and bring the cat to your regular vet or an emergency vet.

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