The Power of Giving

Some Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy

Never underestimate the power of giving.  It shines like a beacon throughout

      humanity.  It cuts through the oceans that divide us and brightens

              the lives of all it touches.  One of life’s greatest laws is that

                  you cannot hold a torch to light anothers path…

                                without brightening your own.

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Purchase a drinking fountain.  Cats prefer to drink water that is flowing. 

These bowls provide visual and auditory stimulation.  Many cats will run

to the faucet as soon as you turn it on.  There are many drinking

fountains available - some with mats to handle spills.

Keep cat-friendly plants to chew on.  But please remember that some plants

in your home may be toxic.  Some plants that are okay for your cats to snack

on – valerian, spider plants, rosemary, parsley, basil and dill.  Catnip is the

most common type of scent enrichment for felines.

Provide one more litter box than the number of cats you own.  Cats are

fastidious creatures.  They do not want to use a soiled litter box.  This is even

more important if your cat has a covered litter box as the odor is more contained.

Upright structures and elevated perches will serve your cat’s climbing and clawing need.  Cats love to scratch to mark their territory, rejuvenate their claws and to stretch out their bodies.  To let your cat experience a bit of the outdoors while indoors; place perches and cat trees by the windows in your home.  A birdbath or bird feeder placed within sight of the window can increase her enjoyment.

Brushing and Petting – this is not only good for the human-animal bonding but it is also for their coat and skin health.  Many cats look to this activity as an opportunity for attention.

Provide a variety of toys.   Self-play toys are those that your cat can play with on her own.  Toys that encourage chasing and pouncing are typically more enjoyable for cats.  Some simple and cheap options are cardboard boxes, large paper bags(with the handles removed or cut) and crumpled-up pieces of paper.  There are also several battery-operated toys on the market.   Interactive toys such as wand-type toys with strings, feathers or fabric strips help strengthen the bond between you and your cat.   One popular product is the Cat Dancer which our shelter cats(especially kittens) love.

Calming activities are just as much a part of enrichment as stimulating activities.  Every cat needs a “comfort zone” where he or she can go to feel safe and relax.  Provide a comfy bed or blanket in the safe space and leave her alone when she is enjoying her quiet time.