It has been very rewarding to see the “transformation” in these two cats.  In life we often overlook the smallest things while craving the bigger rewards.  These two cats had a difficult life prior to coming to the shelter.   They lived without health and happiness.  With time and patience; they continue to take small steps towards trust and happiness.

As Doug Cray wrote – “It’s never too late to trust again, to love or be loved again and it’s never too late to live again.”

- Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul.

My name is Fidget.  I was VERY shy when I first came to the shelter. But I have become much friendlier and trusting of people.  I actually like to be petted and roll on my side when the shelter staff pays attention to me.  I have become much more confident and trusting.  I need a home where people would be patient and understanding initially.  The shelter staff knows that I will evolve into a very loving companion in the right home.

 - Cats walk like camels and giraffes.  They move their right feet first and then move both of their left feet.  No other animals walk this way.

​- Cats have large eyes relative to their head size.  They have the largest eyes of any mammal.

​- Kneading – some people refer to as “making biscuits” is a sign of contentment and happiness.  Kittens knead their mothers when they are nursing to stimulate milk production.
- Female cats can get pregnant when they are only four months old.

My name is Cole.  As you can see from my pictures; I am an extremely handsome fella.  I am also very friendly, very sweet and very easy going. Although I tested positive for feline leukemia; I am the picture of health. I need a home where I would be the only feline companion in the home.  I don't mind being picked up - I love attention - I am just a really cool cat.

My name is Bruschi.  I am a VERY handsome young feline.  My life was very difficult before coming to the shelter.  I came with a history of being aggressive with other felines and unpredictable with people.  I was neutered immediately and given medical care for an injury to my hip.  With kindness and compassion; I have now become quite a nice fella with people.  I am very easy going and undemanding.  Because of the old injury to my hip; I now walk and run with a limp.  So I need a home where I would be an inside pet(a screened porch would be awesome).  I do not jump up on things so a fenced yard would also be nice(and keep me safe).   The shelter staff feels that I would do better as an only pet and a home without young children.  I love attention from the staff but am still shy initially with new people.  I have come a long way from a sociability and medical standpoint.  The shelter staff feels that I would make a great companion in the right home.  Gosh I hope someone will give me a second chance at life.  

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Some Interesting Facts About Cat Anatomy and Physiology:
 - Cats use their whiskers to “feel” the world around them. 

A cat’s whiskers are generally about the width of their body. 

You should NEVER cut their whiskers.

​- White cats with blue eyes are prone to deafness.
- A group of kittens is called a kindle.
- For some reason, cats really dislike citrus scents.
- Cats groom other cats – and sometimes people,

in a ritual called allogrooming.