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Some Fun and Fascinating Facts about Felines
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My name is Elsie.  I'm spayed and declawed.  The shelter staff tells me that I am one of the sweetest and prettiest cats they have ever seen(a really nice compliment).  My former owner was an elderly woman who could no longer take care of me.  I am a "senior feline" but I would make a wonderful companion for an elderly person or couple.  I LOVE attention and I give "kisses" and head butts.  Gosh I hope someone will open their heart and home to me.   

My name is Lola.  I lived behind a pizza shop before coming to the shelter.  I have to admit that I don’t miss that life – it was cold and I didn’t have much food to eat.  I am told that I am very pretty and have a beautiful fur coat.  I’m very friendly and affectionate with women but very scared of men.  The shelter staff thinks that I must have had a “bad experience” with a man or men.  The way to my heart is through my tummy.  Gosh – I love to eat(especially that delicious moist cat food).  I like Cody(the shelter canine mascot) but am not fond of other cats.  I know I have a few idiosyncrasies but I really do have a sweet disposition.  I would love to share a home with a female human companion where I could be the “feline Princess.”   I have so much love to share.

- ‘Gratitude is something none of us can give too much.’

  • A group of kittens is called a "kindle."

  • The largest known litter of kittens produced was 19(of which 15 survived).

  • A female cat is called a queen or a molly.

  • Cats have over 100 sounds in their repertoire where dogs only have 10.

  • The technical term for a hairball is “bezoar.”

  • Love of cats is called “ailurophilia.”

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