The Essence of Compassion

Prince Harry of East Brookfield

Felines in any shade of orange are always popular with cat lovers so we were surprised to find this sweet creamsicle colored boy homeless and unclaimed. He was a pathetic soul upon intake at the PAL. Thin, loaded with fleas and ticks, and really stinky.  His first stop was the vet for a bath and exam followed by vaccinations and neutering. His transformation during his stay at PAL while healing both inside and out was spectacular! Harry’s personality and his physical appearance blossomed at we discovered that he was compatible with the other cats and LOVED to play with any and all toys.  Typical of most orange boys, he was friendly with everyone who visited the shelter. A lovely family from East Brookfield came to meet him and it was a perfect match! They sent us this picture of Harry, known very affectionately now as Prince Harry of East Brookfield.  From stray to feline prince, he is the crème de la crème as cats go and dearly loved by his family who reports that he has brought much happiness, and a little royal mischief into their home.


 Turbo, as in turbocharged! This handsome Russian Blue cat was found wandering around outside and homeless. PAL named him Turbo because of his energy level, athleticism, and exuberance! Turbo was super friendly and affectionate, but could get overstimulated with too much petting and bite so we knew he would need a very cat savvy home! Lucky for Turbo, PAL found the purr-fect adopters for him and he is living his best life with a family who understands his need to expend energy and play with lots of interactive toys. They have even harness trained him so they can walk him safely outside and he absolutely loves it! We are so pleased to share these pictures of him in his forever home and we thank Turbo’s family for their patience and understanding.  He is now an incredibly handsome and happy boy. His family told us in a recent email that “He gets better and better every day….  Always wants to be around someone and always wants to play.”

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“Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and strong…because sometime in your life you will have been all of these.”

Slow Blinking
Cats consider prolonged staring impolite and may even view it as an aggressive threat. Slow blinks, on the other hand, are comforting and a sign of affection. Slow blinks are often referred to as “cat kisses.”

Rolling on their backs and exposing their bellies
This is another behavior that shows your cat trusts you. It is a sign of total relaxation but may trigger a defensive reaction if you pet the cat’s stomach. Most cats dislike having their bellies rubbed and may let you know it. It is better to give cheek and forehead scratches and the avoid the stomach altogether.

Kittens initially knead their mama’s belly while nursing. When a cat is relaxed; many will knead a blanket or even your skin as they drift off to sleep.

The Feline Human Bond
Cats make excellent pets. Despite the feline reputation for aloofness and independence; many owners can attest to the strength of the human/companion-cat bond. To get your cat to bond with you even more; their body language is a beacon of information. Listed below are some of the key expressions that provide a guide to decode cat’s unique signals.

Rubbing Against You
This is an affiliative gesture and they are also depositing scent. Cats use scent to determine who is part of their social group. Their cheeks, foreheads, sides of their bodies and tails are some of the places that cats have scent glands. If your cat rubs against your legs when you come home, it is a greeting.

Head Bunting
The proper term for when your cat is headbutting is “bunting.” This is a very affectionate gesture and they are also depositing their scent.

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