The Inn is Full – No Vacancy

Please help us find homes for the PAL feline ”shelter gang.”  They are healthy, friendly and quite handsome or cute.  Clowder is the term for a group of cats – this gang does not like living in a clowder.  They really want a home they can call their own.      

Please Help Us Find Haley a New Home


Haley came to the shelter as a stray from a local town.    She was very thin and skittish when she first arrived.  Although she is still a petite female feline; she has gained weight and she has blossomed into a pretty dilute calico.  She is friendly and loves attention.  She can be very selective in her relationships with other cats so we feel that she would do best in a home where she is the only pet.  She still displays periods of youthful exuberance when she plays.  She would be very content as an indoor companion.  Haley has come so far since coming to the shelter.  With love and understanding; she is on her way to becoming a wonderful feline companion.

- ‘Gratitude is something none of us can give too much.’

If you interested in adopting one of our cats or kittens; please complete an Adoption Application online.  One of our volunteers will call you as soon as we receive your application.

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Cat Adoption in Spencer

The past few weeks the shelter has seen an influx of felines in need of our help.  We are a small shelter but we help many homeless cats from our local communities.  We have quite a diverse group of cats currently residing at the shelter.  They all like people but do not share the same feelings for other felines.  This creates stress and unhappiness among the cats.  Most of them would make wonderful companions for a family where they would be the only pet. 

There are also a few “senior” cats at the shelter.  Mature cats are mellow and less demanding.  They are friendly and gentle.  These cats have lost their home because of the death of their owners or changes in their lifestyle or circumstances.  Senior cats seem to sense when they are given a “second chance” and they will reward you with unconditional love.