"I am so very happy with the two kitties we adopted. Both of the boys were very shy when we brought them home. We set them up in a room of their own but they were able to see and hear what was happening in the rest of the upstairs space. I spent many hours just being in the room reading and periodically offering treats and their favorite canned food. They soon learned that I was not scary and often gave them food. It only took a few days for them to start approaching me and allowing me to pet them. Now nearly 2 months after the adoption they have run of the house and seek attention from my husband and I. Spending the time to help them gain self confidence and affection towards us was well worth the time investment."


Adopting  Shy Cats - What a Rewarding Experience  

- ‘Gratitude is something none of us can give too much.’

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Cat Adoption in Spencer

Update - Cindy Lou

It is a wonderful experience to develop a loving relationship with a shy cat.  It may take some time but most shy cats develop strong bonds to their caretaker(s) and make wonderful pets.  Patience and compassion are key.  It is best to keep the cat(s) in a small and quiet area until they adjust to their new surroundings.  Food can be used as a bonding tool.  Try playing with the cat with interactive toys.  Patience and understanding are essential with shy cats.  They will give you plenty of love and purrs in return.

We have some super sweet but shy cats looking for a home.  Please visit the web site and check out Kylee, Chrissy and Brady.  They will make wonderful companions for some lucky family.  They have never lived with small children or a dog - a home with adults would be best.

The picture and testimonial was sent to the shelter from a recent adopter who took home two of our shy boys.  We wanted to share Julian and Rex's story with you.  With time, patience and compassion these two shy boys are living "happily ever after" in their new home.  We thank the adoptive family for opening their home - and hearts - to these two special feline boys.

  Hi all,  I am having so much fun in my new home, my new family already love and spoil me with love and affection, I run around and get plenty of exercise and have lots of new toys!! Thank you all for taking such good care of me and getting me healthy.

Its so great that I have a second chance with a new family!! Xoxoxo.  Cindy lou...also my nickname is lulu.😻😻😻