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A group of cats is called a clowder. A group of kittens is called a kindle.

Dogs look at us as their gods, horses as their peers but the cats look to us as their subjects. 

- Winston Churchill


Purring doesn’t always imply happiness.
Cats also purr when they are stressed anxious, hurt, sick or giving birth.

I have been told that the training procedure with cats is difficult.  It’s not.  Mine had me trained in 2 days.

- Bill Dana

Whiskers plan an important role in giving cats a sense of where they are in their environment.  They can determine the size of an object, can measure openings and will detect the slightest breeze. They are a cat’s “ruler” with their widths matching the width of the cat’s body.

If man could be crossed with a cat, it would improve the man but deteriorate the cat.

- Mark Twain

Polydactylism is a naturally occurring genetic variation that affects some cats.  In simple terms it is a cat with many toes.  Normally a cat has 18
digits.  Polydactyl cats have one or two extra toes on each foot.  It is not a deformity but rather an enchanting quirk.


I have studied many philosophers and many cats.  The wisdom of cats is Infinitely superior.

- Hippolyte Tainek

Some fun feline facts and quotes

Lily is a very pretty young calico girl.  She had a very difficult life prior to coming to the shelter.  She had multiple litters of kittens in a home where she received no veterinary care.  Lily is very friendly and outgoing.  She is also very playful and energetic.  She would be a great feline companion in a home with older children. Because of her vivaciousness; we feel that she would not be suitable as an apartment companion.  Lily does have a dietary restriction.  She must be fed canned or wet food.  She cannot eat dry or kibble cat food.  The shelter will share all of Lily’s veterinary information with any potential adopter.  Miss Lily is a very good natured cat and we are hoping to find this special girl a new home. 

If you interested in adopting one of our cats or kittens; please complete an Adoption Application online.  One of our volunteers will call you as soon as we receive your application.

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Never underestimate the power of giving.  It shines like a beacon throughout

      humanity.  It cuts through the oceans that divide us and brightens

              the lives of all it touches.  One of life’s greatest laws is that

                  you cannot hold a torch to light anothers path…

                                without brightening your own.

The Power of Giving

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