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 Besides being incredible handsome; Tundra is friendly, charismatic, playful and curious(nosey).  At the shelter; the kittens consider him their buddy and playmate. He is very compatible with younger cats; but he can be selective in his friendship with adult cats( no dogs either).  He came to the shelter when his former human companion passed away.  He loves to explore and spends a lot of time in the outdoor enclosure that is attached to the shelter. Because he is a "busy boy";  we feel that he would do best in a home(not an apartment) and a screened porch would be ideal.  He has been at the shelter for several months and he is ready to go to his new home.  Tundra is a young feline male(a little over 1-year old) and he is looking forward to spending many years of love and fun with his new family.

 Cats come into our lives to teach us about love,

They depart to teach us about loss,

A new cat never replaces an old cat.  

Tundra's Story

(aka Curious George)​

It merely expands the heart,

If you have loved may cats;

Your heart is likely to be very big.

- ‘Gratitude is something none of us can give too much.’

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Cat Adoption in Spencer

Cinder is a beautiful cat with a lovely disposition to match.  She was found as a stray in a local town.  She is healthy but she tested positive for FIV.  Being FIV+ is not the same was having feline AIDS.  The FIV Test detects antibodies that have been found in the cat’s blood as a result of infection with the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.  The FIV Positive means that the cat has been infected by the virus but it is not showing symptoms.  It may be years. If at all, before the cat develops clinical signs of Feline Aids.  It is impossible for a human to contract FIV from a cat just as it is impossible for a cat to contract FIV from a human.  FIV positive cats can lead active, full, wonderful lives in loving home.  She is a “low key” cat who is content with life.  One of her favorite activities is eating especially delicious moist(canned) food.  She is spayed and current on vaccinations.  We are hoping that someone will open their heart and home to Cinder.

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