"Rose is the absolute sweetest little girl. While it has taken lots of time and patience, she has come so far in these 3 years. She may be the most playful kitty I’ve ever had, she just is the happiest little girl. Rose is a little love bug and enjoys snuggling. While sudden movements can still frighten her she no longer hides when people come over and she now even lets others besides me pet her.  It has truly been a rewarding experience watching her grow and learn to trust people. "

"I am so very happy with the two kitties we adopted. Both of the boys were very shy when we brought them home. We set them up in a room of their own but they were able to see and hear what was happening in the rest of the upstairs space. I spent many hours just being in the room reading and periodically offering treats and their favorite canned food. They soon learned that I was not scary and often gave them food. It only took a few days for them to start approaching me and allowing me to pet them. Now nearly 2 months after the adoption they have run of the house and seek attention from my husband and I. Spending the time to help them gain self confidence and affection towards us was well worth the time investment."


It’s been 4 months today since we adopted Garfield and Odie.    At first they were very skittish and shy but we’re happy to report that they are now fully ensconced in their new “forever home” and are so much FUN that we can’t imagine our house without them!!  We even had to put a framed photo in our travel trailer because we miss them so much when we’re away for long weekends J.   It’s so nice to have them run in to greet us, whether we’ve been away at work for the day or away in the trailer for a weekend.

They have now discovered all the cat beds, perches and toys in their new house -- as well as other things they have fun getting into like cabinets, shelves and anything that makes a crunching noise.  No more hiding under the beds for these two!!  The only time we’re crawling under beds now is to look for things that have mysteriously disappeared and have likely been adopted as fun new “toys” while we were away at work!

Both Garfield and Odie are quite helpful in catching ants, spiders and even a mouse once (luckily they knew not to eat it!).  Garfield hasn’t quite mastered the art of catching rain drops on the outsides of the windows or people on the TV but we know he will keep trying!   Odie really loves his foil toys – and anything wrapped in cellophane!  He will bat around and then proudly “catch” his prey, whether it’s a brightly colored foil toy or a wrapped fortune cookie!

 It took 3-4 months but instead of hiding from people they are now curious about visitors and want to be patted, cuddled and loved by their new parents.


Thanks to you and to PAL for helping bring them into our lives!!

Gretchen & Mark

Meet Odie and Garfield;

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Meet Archie and Dewey;


Here is an update on Rose since it has been 6 months since she came to her forever home. Rose is doing fantastic. We finished her bartonella medication a few weeks ago (fingers crossed that dose did the trick). Rose is getting more comfortable with visitors; while she will still hide initially in her kitty cube she will let everyone pet her and no longer hisses. I make sure everyone pets her when they come over and either feed her or give her treats so she can start to associate good with people.

Last weekend my niece Karlene came to stay overnight and Rose was brave and stayed around her the whole time and even let Karlene pet her and willingly came over to sniff her too. Rose is still the absolute sweetest little girl and when my alarm goes off in the morning or she hears me wake up she comes running full speed into the bedroom to greet me with purrs and some mushy time. Frisco’s grumpiness with her has gotten much better and Rose is better with boundaries which has helped.

So happy to see how far she has come and knowing she now has a home where she can play freely and be loved like she deserves.

- Jonna

Meet Rose;