Lucia and Marco - April 2020 (Annie and Toby)

The cats are very happy and so are we! I think I can say that we are all glad that we got the cats when we did, because quarantine isn’t so bad when you have two kittens! We have renamed them Lucia and Marco. They are always all over each other. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt them!!

Kylee - October 2018

Here’s an update on our new sweet addition to the family. We’ve only had her for a little over one week and although a bit timid, she’s gradually adapting to living in her new forever home. She has such a sweet personality and it’s won I’ve learned to not move my feet much at night under the covers as that’s a sign for Kylee to attack. LOL She’s vocal, playful, beautiful (those gorgeous blue eyes..) and just a joy for us to have. After looking at literally hundreds of cats online in many many shelters, I just kept coming back to Kylee as she just stood out to me and now I can see why. She’s a perfect fit for us! Thanks so much Sandy for the wonderful job you do. It’s a real labor of love and may it come back to you a thousand fold! All the best, Sally

Roxie and Rocko (Annie and Andy)

Annie and Andy are now Roxy and Rocko, and they're almost 8 months old. Rocko is still about twice as big as his sister, who will probably always be a little peanut (we call her "petite" so as not to hurt her feelings). They're still the sweetest kitties -- they love everyone they meet and and they have so much fun zooming around our house (which they now own) together. We absolutely adore them and feel so lucky to have them.


I like it here with my human. It’s peaceful and quiet. I have my very own cat tree that overlooks the forest so I can watch the birds, chipmunks and squirrels from it or on the heated kitchen floor through the large sliding glass door. There is a big crate with a bed in it that I use too. It was for the dog that used to live here. Now it’s MINE.


Just to update you folks on Marcus. He's doing very well. After a period of adjustment and Marcus realizing that this is HIS home and is not going anywhere, has settled in and doing great. Still getting his diet down but he is very comfortable and a great friend. We are so glad we had the chance to rescue him and give him a new and permanent home. As you can see from the photo, he's pretty relaxed (in my chair)! Thank you so much for all the work you do.

Rudy - November 2017

Just wanted to give you an update on Rudy that we adopted in November. We love him and he is fitting in extremely well with the whole family. He absolutely loves to race around the house with the dog and of course enjoys his snuggles especially with his dad. He certainly is vocal and tells you what he wants. Rudy often spends time at the top of his cat tree tower watching the birds and other wildlife. We couldn’t imagine our life and home without him! Thank you so much for finding him and taking care of him before he found his forever home with us.

Misty - April 2017

Misty loves chasing her mousies and a ball that makes noise but she loves chasing her bird on a stick the best. You should see her do leaps and backflips. She's a real sweetie. Lois

Binky, Noelle, and Turbo - June 2016

Hi Sandy, Thought you might want to see how Binky, Noelle and Turbo are doing. I attached a few pictures. Turbo carries around that little blue puff ball everywhere. They are doing great. Regards, Janice

Hattie and Azzie - July 2017

Ralph and I wanted to send you an update about Hatteras (Hattie) and Azimut (Azzie). They are great! The have grown so much during the past several months. They are sweet, loving and Crazy! They love to chase each other, wrestle and love each other and us. We absolutely adore themJ They bring us great joy as well as keeping us on our toes. We love them, thank you for bringing them into our lives. Best always, Karen, Ralph, Hattie and Azzie

Crazy Harry (FKA Harrison) - April 2016

Well, Harry's settled in and is rocking our world with his antics....he has definitely filled the void that was caused by having to put our beloved KooKoo down. You can see him taking a power nap with his buddy, Ducky from Aflac! Thanks Sandy for putting in all the time to pair us humans up with these bundles of joy.

Clifford (fka Elliot) - February 2016

Hi Sandy! Clifford is awesome! He is such a loving, gentle boy and we are so in love with him! He fits perfectly in our family. He met my kitty after a day or so and apart from a little minor hissing from my Ziva for one day or so, they are best friends!! They play, chase each other, play with toys, wrestle, and snuggle together. We are so happy to have him and we know he loves us too!Thank you so much for letting us adopt him!

Reggie - September 2016

Just wanted to give you an little update on Reggie. All I can say is that he is Wonderful. He stays in the house but has many many windows and beds to see the outside. He loves the front porch it's like being outdoors. It's been 7 months now and he is just starting to sit close to me ( I let him do his own thing). He is learning that sitting close to me gets him a message lol. He is a very special boy and I could not live without him.

Killian (fka Giles) - February 2016

I just wanted to give you an update on Killian. He is doing great in his knew home & is getting along well with my two other cats Danica & Sadie. Killian love to be with me when I'm home, though he's not fond of being picked up. Killian's favorite thing is to play fetch with me. He will bring me one of his toys for me to throw. He then brings it back to me & rubs my legs for me to throw it again.

AbbyRose - December 2015

Hi Sandy It has been about 3 1/2 years since I adopted Abby Rose. She is the most loving cat. Loves to be held, has to sit on my lap, and chats with me all the time, even lets me clip her nails! She is still skitterish about people that come to visit but if they talk quiet she comes out from her hidey spot to welcome them and check them out. Some that come over, she sits on their lap! Can't believe that this cat was left to fend for herself. She is so well behaved. Never have to say no to her. Doesn't jump on counters or tables. Loves to play with her toys and watch the birds from her "princess tower". I am so glad that I took the chance and adopted a senior cat.

Marmalade aka Abbey - October 2015

Hi PAL, Hope everything is going well at your shelter. I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying my Marmalade, aka Abbey. We both took a chance on each other and have found our perfect matches (I hope she feels the same lol). Marmalade loves to play, give kisses and loves to snuggle and eat! She loves to watch the birds that congregate on our tree outside the window every day now that the berries are ripe for them to eat. Thanks so much for letting me try to adopt again. I'm so happy I did.

Lewis and Clark - October 2015

I attached some of our favorite moments of Lewis and Clark captured in photos. They are so cute!!!!

Charlie (fka Pepples) September 2015


Just wanted to send a photo of Charlie (fka Pebbles) to let you know that she is doing wonderfully. She is just the sweetest cat I know and never stops purring. Hope all is well!

-Melissa Kracke

Annie and Eddie - August 2015

I just wanted to give you an update on the 2 of the Ninja Turtles that I adopted from you last year. They are now named Annie (she was the runt of the liter) and Eddie (the only grey one in the litter). They have grown so much in one year. They are complete love bugs. They have settled in well.


Finnegan - August 2015

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to let you know how much we love Finnegan- he has been the perfect addition to our family. He and Chester are getting along famously. Chester has been so happy to have a little brother. He used to cry for me when I wasn't in the same room as in, but now that he has a new friend, I never hear him cry for me! Finn became attached to Chester immediately. He's warmed up to us too now, and he loves cuddling. He's gotten so big in the month that we've had him- he's now over 3 pounds.

Tyson and Noah - August 2015

We have adopted 4 cats from you over the years. Lacy is 14 years old now and still going strong. We adopted Tyson and Noah from you on 2011 when they were 7 months old. They just turned 4 and I thought I'd send you a pix of them as of last week.

Finn - July 2015

Hi Everyone! Finn here! Guarding those pesky squirrels.

Maddie and AJ - May 2015


Just writing to give a quick update on the two kitties we brought home. AJ is now "Jarvis" and Maddie is now "May". They both have adjusted beautifully and love to run wild down the halls chasing their favorite ball. They go bonkers chasing the red laser and their feather toy. Jarvis came out of his shell and now hardly ever hides, a major improvement. They both give us kisses and "love bites". We love them, thanks for letting us adopt them !

Marcus - May 2015

Here is a picture of Marcus. I think he looks quite at home.

Ellie and Oliver - May 2015

Two recent Becker grads!
Cressida - May 2015


Cressida is turning two tomorrow! She loves playing with her little kitty sister Kylee and her big canine sister Zowie. She loves to snuggle next to me on the recliner and store her energy up for chasing games that come with Kylee. The two of them are toddles in action. Thank you so much for letting her become a part of our family.


Garfield and Odie - April 2015


Garfield came up to our room during the night and hung around upstairs for a while. Even though they still hang out here, they don't run when we come into the room. Odie just let me pet him.

- Gretchen

Molly - March 2015

Hi Miss Sandy!

My mommy and daddy came and got me on September 13th, 2013. It has taken awhile for them to learn but have finally gotten them trained the way I want them. Hope you will remember Mr. Boots. He is doing well and his mommy is very good to him as well. He got his new home shortly after I did. Just wanted to send you a updated picture so you can see how well I'm doing. Hope you have a good year! Sending love to all my old friends!


Autumn - March 2015


Autumn and I cuddle a lot. And then she goes and plays. I'm astounded at how much she loves the toys I got her! It's funny because she always acts like she's not playing whenever you walk in the room, unless you've been sitting in the living room for a while, or give her cat nip. She's just so special to me, and I'm ecstatic to have her in my life.

Melissa S.

Joey - March 2015


Just an update on how Joey is doing... amazingly perfect fit for our family. Such a sweet "kitten" and he and our other cat Riley are attached at the hip! Thank you for the fantastic work you do every day!

Joy and Mike A.

Sparky aka Bowie - March 2015

Hi Tracie and PAL,

Sparky has adapted beautifully. He’s getting used to both of us and now no longer goes to hide when we come in the room. He is very inquisitive. He’s taken to sleeping at night next to Deb for a few hours before he feels the need to patrol the room, find something of interest, knock it over, and walk across the bed to wake us up... but he’s a doll. We’ve brought in Wu a few times, and Sparky could care less about another cat, but Wu will take some time to get used to him as she’s still a hissy little girl. We are going to put our gate up in the hallway this weekend so they can start to see each other albeit separated, and they’ve already had a few sessions of “who’s paw is that on the other side of the closed door”.

Thank a million!

Eddie and Deb S.

Cook fka Marcus - February 2015


Here's a picture of Cook. I'm very attached to him and I think he's really happy here. Thanks again!

Brendan K.

Arnold - February 2015


Arnold is doing just fine. He has adjusted very well to his new home and is getting along with my other cat. Arnold is a very sweet cat, I am glad I got him.


Basil and Rosemary - February 2015

Hi PAL and Becker,

It’s almost 3 months since we brought Basil and Rosalie (formerly “Rosemary”) home. Basil is outgoing, very active—and huge! He loves his “crazy post” (scratching post) and hunting crumpled pieces of paper. Rosalie is sweet and a bit prim. Rosalie isn’t as outgoing, “in your face” as her brother Basil, but can be just as rambunctious. The sibs love to race up and down the three flights of stairs in our house. Our 2 adults cats seem to find Basil and Rosalie a good show. Both kitties are smart (they went to college, right?), personable, and affectionate. Thank you for bringing them into our lives! Best,

Diane and Ken Mammone

Gabby - January 2015


On Jan. 10, it will be 6 years since I brought Gabby home. She is a great cat who rules the house and my heart. She has her favorite window, where she watches for me to come home from work. She has her favorite toys that she plays with like she is still a kitten. During the summer she loves to lay out on the 2nd floor porch and talk to the squirrels and the birds. She does not like to have her picture taken, but I managed to sneak one. I am grateful to you and your organization for rescuing that sick young cat that someone had just thrown away, who now makes my life so full.

Jean P.

Zappa - January 2015


Happy Gotcha Day Zappa! Two years ago today, Zappa moved in to rule the house and govern the humans and dogs.....thank you for allowing us to adopt him!

Karen P.

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