DMH Calico/Tiger
Spayed/Declawed Female
13-14 years old

My name is Elsie. I'm spayed and declawed. The shelter staff tells me that I am one of the sweetest and prettiest cats they have ever seen(a really nice compliment). My former owner was an elderly woman who could no longer take care of me. I am a "senior feline" but I would make a wonderful companion for an elderly person or couple. I LOVE attention and I give "kisses" and head butts. Gosh I hope someone will open their heart and home to me.

DSH tuxedo
Neutered Male
Young Adult

My name is Roman. I’m a newcomer to the shelter. I have been staying with a local animal control officer for a l-o-n-g time. I was hit by a car and had a broken pelvis which necessitated me sitting in a cage for many months. I just had a physical exam at a veterinarian who said that I am very healthy and all I need now is a loving home. She did mention that I could “lose a few pounds(which I hope the shelter staff didn’t hear). Roman is a perfect name for me – I’m a big brawny and handsome feline. I’m also a friendly fella who likes people but can be selective in my friendships with other felines. It has been a long healing process for me and I can’t wait until I have a home where I can run around and act like a normal cat. Did I mention that I love to play with toys???


My name is Lola. I lived behind a pizza shop before coming to the shelter. I have to admit that I don’t miss that life – it was cold and I didn’t have much food to eat. I am told that I am very pretty and have a beautiful fur coat. I’m very friendly and affectionate with women but very scared of men. The shelter staff thinks that I must have had a “bad experience” with a man or men. The way to my heart is through my tummy. Gosh – I love to eat(especially that delicious moist cat food). I like Cody(the shelter canine mascot) but am not fond of other cats. I know I have a few idiosyncrasies but I really do have a sweet disposition. I would love to share a home with a female human companion where I could be the “feline Princess.” I have so much love to share.

DSH brown tiger
Neutered Male

My name is Max. I have been told that I am a ruggedly handsome young male feline. My fur looks and feels like mink. I love people –love laps - love attention. However I would be much happier in a home where I would be the only feline. As much as I like people(and I have to say that I prefer female human companions); I do not particularly like other cats. I spent the first year of my life outdoors(ugh) and now I am very happy being an indoor companion. I did test positive for feline FIV but I am the picture of health. I do not require any medication nor do I require special veterinary care. FIV+ cats can live long normal lives. I am handsome, comical and have quite a personality – what more could you want in a feline companion???