DMH white/black
Neutered Maleale
Leukemia Positive

My name is Cole. As you can see from my pictures; I am an extremely handsome fella. I am also very friendly, very sweet and very easy going. Although I tested positive for feline leukemia; I am the picture of health. I need a home where I would be the only feline companion in the home. I don't mind being picked up - I love attention - I am just a really cool cat.

DSH black/white

My name is Fiona. I am a very affectionate and very cute 3-month-old kitten. I would make a wonderful companion for another kitten or young cat. But I also love people and purr non-stop when I get attention.

Sheena and Sasha
DSH black/white

Our names are Sheena and Sasha. We are very sweet and friendly 3-month-old kittens. We are sisters and would love to be adopted together. We spend hours playing with each other. We will bring lots of love and fun to some lucky family.

DSH black
Spayed Female
Young Adult

My name is Fidget. I was VERY shy when I first came to the shelter. But I have become much friendlier and trusting of people. I actually like to be petted and roll on my side when the shelter staff pays attention to me. I have become much more confident and trusting. I need a home where people would be patient and understanding initially. The shelter staff knows that I will evolve into a very loving companion in the right home.

DSH black
Neutered Male
Seeking barn cat lifestyle

Bruschi arrived at the shelter from a multi-cat house. He was kept separate from the other cats because he wanted to be king. He is now neutered but he would enjoy outdoor freedom where he could be independent and hunt mice with no other cats around to cramp his style. Bruschi has been fine with the shelter volunteers although best with no small children. Bruschi needs a second chance. If you have a barn and need a handsome sleek black panther – apply for Bruschi.