Founded in 1989, the People for Animals League is a private, non-profit, 501(c)3, organization dedicated to helping animals in local communities. We are striving to develop empathy and compassion, increase understanding, and promote responsibility toward animals. We coordinate the placement of pets into appropriate homes, provide humane educational programs to the community, assist with lost and found pets, and encourage spaying and neutering of animals to control population.


People for Animals League shelter is literally a home away from home for the cats in our care. The cats here have access to condos, window seats, couches, cat trees and sunlight! There is plenty of room for playing, running, climbing, resting, and of course, eating! There is a T.V. for those cats that like to be entertained by the big screen! When there's nothing good on T.V., there's a radio to keep them company. This limited cage environment greatly reduces stress levels and keeps the cats healthy and happy with regular exercise and socialization until they find their forever homes! Recently added were two outside bird feeders which will provide hours of entertainment especially over the long winter months(when it is too cold to enjoy the outdoor enclosure).

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6 Kingsbury Rd Spencer MA 01562 US


Phone:     (774) 745-8039


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Dear Cat Lovers, Adopters, and Friends:

The People for Animals League shelter is located adjacent to a private home in a residential neighborhood. Visits are scheduled by appointment only. This will allow you to spend as much time as you wish to meet your perfect feline companion. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. Many thanks and we look forward to meeting you!

Sandra Graeff, PAL Founder and President